My name is Emily Fitch, I'm a composer and sound designer with a passion for games and film. I've worked in many areas regarding audio engineering and post-production sound, such as: Sound Effects Designer and composer for indie games, Assistant Sound Editor/Mixer for feature films and animation, Field Recordist, Audio Editor, Foley Artist, and more.

I graduated from the University of Saint Francis with a BS in Music Technology with a concentration in audio for the creative arts. I've collaborated with filmmakers, animators, and game designers to bring their creative visions to life through sound. 

I've been playing video games since I could hold a controller. All my life, games have been both a means to explore new worlds and experience new things, and a way to spend time with friends and family. My dream is to share the same kind of immersive, emotional experiences that I've enjoyed to others through the creation of engaging sound design. 

My favorite games are the Silent Hill series, the Drakengard/NieR series, Haunting Ground, Bloodborne, and Overwatch.

Software and Hardware Proficiency

  • ProTools
  • Adobe Premiere
  • FL Studio
  • Wwise
  • Melodyne
  • Omnisphere
  • Kontakt