Commission Information

Commissions are currently Open!

Let me write you some cool music! My specialties are chiptune, ambient, and electronic, but I’m willing to attempt any musical style you may need. You can commission me to make:

  • A theme song for your original characters!

  • A song for a game/film/animation/youtube video!

  • A cool tune to go on your blog!

  • Atmosphere/mood music for a tabletop game or LARP!

  • A custom ringtone!

  • Anything your heart desires!

My base price is $125 per 30 seconds of music, with more added depending on complexity and the time it would take to make. I am flexible with pricing, especially on bigger projects so please let me know what kind of budget you’re working with so we can work something out. I can also negotiate skill trades. I accept payment only through PayPal. If you’re interested in my services for bigger projects such as full game soundtracks, sound design/foley work, or if you have any additional questions, please email me at

Some things to keep in mind when describing your commission to help me out and to ensure that you get the coolest music possible:

  • Describe the overall mood of the piece (adventurous? a creeping sense of dread? peppy? somber?)

  • Describe the tempo/feel of the piece as well

  • If it’s for a specific video or project, let me know what kind of project it is and help provide some context

  • If it’s for one of your characters, send some pictures and tell me a little about their personality/story

  • If there’s any specific time frame you need the music to be completed in, (requests with a due date of 10 days or less with have a rush fee of 20%)

  • Basically the more details the better! However, if you're really unsure about something, don't worry if you have to leave a field blank or ask for my opinion.

You can also commission me to make 8-bit/chiptune covers of existing songs! There may also be an added charge on top of the base price if I’m not familiar with the song you request. Please email me with any questions you may have and we can always work something out.


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