Frequently Asked Questions...

What kinds of Stuff do you use?

I mainly work in FL Studio 11. I use Kontakt 5 and Omnisphere as well as a host of free plugins I’ve amassed over the years. I have experience working in ProTools 10/11, as well as mad tuning skills with Melodyne


What Do you use to make Chiptunes?

Chipsounds, Chip32, Magic8BitPlugin, and Famisynth and the VST plugins I use. Drums and other effects are from a bunch of samples I've found.


Do you make the pixels too?

Yup! I make all the pixel art associated with my music. I also make my own album art too, unless otherwise credited.


Can I use your music in my fan game/cosplay sketch/drawing video/animation?

Here’s the deal: if it’s a cover of an existing song you can use it in videos/fan games/ect, but you must credit me with my name and a link to my youtube channel, and it would be nice if you sent me a link to the finished product. You do not need to ask my permission to use covers of existing songs. However, I would prefer that you not use my original or commissioned work in any projects without asking me first. Commissioned work is, of course, created only for the use of the person who bought it, and my original work is my own and I’d like to have a say in when and where it gets used. If you hear something you like, you can always commission me yourself to make something similar.


Can I make a cover/remix of your music?

Yes! You don’t have to ask for permission but please please send it to me because I’d love to hear it! Also be sure to give credit and a link back to my channel.